How An Answering Service Will Help Free Up Time At Work

If you own a business, you likely are aware of how distracting it can be to answer the phone when it rings. You need to stop what you're doing at the moment to pick up the phone, and most of the time it doesn't lead to a sale. That's why it may be beneficial to use an answering service to take care of your phone calls for you. Here are some creative ways that an answering service can help free up time at work.

Avoid Telemarketers

Do you get a lot of sales calls and telemarketers at your business? Even if you hang up on them as soon as you realize it is a sales call, the call itself can be distracting. By having your calls answered by a phone answering service, you will never have to take another sales call again. They'll be screened by someone else at the call center, with directions to not take a message that is passed on to you.

Delegate Calls

Not having a full-time receptionist is a problem that can come up with a small business. This means that everyone needs to pitch in with answering the calls, with many involving taking messages for other employees or forwarding calls. Thankfully, an answering service can take care of this task for you. Messages will be delivered to the correct employee in a prompt manner, and nobody has to take time out of their day to answer a phone call that's not for them. 

Answer Multiple Calls

Another problem that can impact a small business is when multiple phone lines ring at once. You may be in a position where you can't give every call your full attention, and you may even miss a call as a result. Answering services can take multiple calls at the same time because there are many people working at the call center waiting for a call to come in. 

Answer Calls 24/7

Own a business that has emergency calls that occasionally come in, such as a dental office with a patient that needs help? An answering service means that you can stop taking phone calls at night during your time at home and focus on family. If an emergency call does come in, there is a protocol you can set up to ensure that you get the message promptly. This means that you will only take the emergency calls that matter, and not have to answer every single call. 

For more information about hiring a phone answering service, reach out to a local company.

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